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How long will it take for my driveway to be cleaned?

The length of time it can take for your driveway to be cleaned depends on how big, old and worn you driveway, pathway or patio is. Most of our cleans take no longer than one day to complete.

Image by Harry Grout
Will I need to provide anything for the cleaning proceedure?

For every type of clean all we need is a supply to the water mains, everything else is provided by us.

What difference does having my driveway, pathway or patio sealed make?

After being sealed your driveway will have a slight shine to it, it will appear brighter and the colours of your blocks will be more prominent. Having your driveway sealed will keep it looking like new for longer, it also prevents wear and tear of the blocks. Less maintenance is also needed due to the sealant stopping spores from growing in the joints in between each block.

Image by noor Younis
How long will it take for the sealant to dry?

This depends on the weather, ideal conditions would be sunny with a slight breeze. Usually after completion of sealing driveways, pathways and patios can be walked on after 2 hours. However vehicles can not be parked on top of the sealant for 24 hours after completion.

Image by Belinda Fewings
How long does it take for my conservatory roof to be cleaned?

This type of clean takes no longer than half a day to complete..